#FFF2CC Color Code

Hex Color #FFF2CC To RGB

The RGB value of Hex Color #FFF2CC is (255,242,204): the red value is 255, the green value is 242 and the blue value of its RGB is 204.

Hex Color #FFF2CC To HSL

The HSL cylindrical-coordinate representations of #Hex Color #FFF2CC are - hue: 0.12 , saturation: 1 and the lightness value: 0.9.

Hex Color #FFF2CC To CMYK

The CMYK colors (also known as process color, or four color) of Hex Color #FFF2CC are - cyan: 0, magenta: 0.050980392156863, yellow: 0.2 and key(black): 0.

Hex Color #FFF2CC To Lab

The Lab color space representations of Hex Color #FFF2CC are - Lightness (L): 95.63 , a: -1.55 , b: 19.93.


Color spaces of #FFF2CC

RGB 255242204
CMYK 00.0509803921568630.2   0

Base Numbers

Binary 11111111 11110010 11001100
Octal 377 362 314
Decimal 255 242 204
Hex FF F2 CC

#FFF2CC Color Preview on Black Background

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